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Mungo Warner was exceptionally beautiful. Born in the prejudicial era of the 1940's, when homosexuality was illegal and rarely discussed, he was harshly treated by his father and abused by his tutor at Chester Choir School, where he is strongly attracted to an older boy. In this cosmopolitan novel, Mungo finds integrity in the acting profession, first at Chester Royalty Theatre and then at the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he has an affair with an American actress, who accuses him of fathering her child. He realises that he attracts the bad and the good of both sexes before he eventually discovers whether or not he is homosexual - perhaps influenced by his boyhood abuse.

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A short extract

“Good evening,” I said.
He stopped walking. “Good evening,” he mimicked. He turned to his mates. “What have we here? A nancy boy, I reckon. What shall we do with him?”
One of the other boys sniggered. “What do we do with Lavender Boys, Ron?”
“Let’s be kind, and do what Lavender Boys like best,” said the one addressed as Ron.
I tried to walk past them, but the third boy stuck out his foot and down I went onto my face. “Good move, Pat,” said Ron, throwing himself on top of me as I struggled to rise. “Down with your trousers, Sugar Pants!”
I kicked and thrashed, but I was no match for the three of them.

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"Great read! One of those stories that grabs you from the opening pages simply by virtue of the writing, which is assured, poetic, and elegant in its understatement. As the story progresses, you are introduced to a truly compelling cast of characters and a story that just won't let go."


"HIS WOMAN IS ONE HELLUVA WRITER!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! THERE IS NOT A BOOK SHE WILL WRITE, THAT I WON’T GET MY HANDS ON FIRST, FROM THIS MOMENT ON!!! This is the 2nd book I’ve read of hers, and how many times can I say OMG! OMG! OMG?! This story was simply amazing! I’m not one for sharing too many details (spoilers) about a story, especially if it’s a great one, because I want you to read it for yourself to believe it, but I will share that the character development was incredible, and the writing was ABSOLUTELY IMPECCABLE!!! For the life of me I will forever wonder how Meriel came up with some of these character names: Mungo (for a boy), Hilary (for a boy)…complete BRILLIANCE,"

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