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'The Story of Jacqueline Jackdaw' is an illustrated children's book for young readers, about a clever jackdaw who became friends with a ten year old boy called Gladwin Goody, because he has always wanted a jackdaw friend.

They become great friends and have many adventures together. Eventually Jacqueline finds a mate, and leaves to raise a family, but she promises to return the following year.

In the spring they return and Gladwin builds them a nest box. When the chicks are hatched, he watches their flying lessons and Jacqueline says that she will teach him to fly when he is asleep and dreaming.

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A short extract

Gladwin laughed with joy when he saw Jacqueline.
"Hello Jacqueline," he said. "I've been longing for the day when I could take you home with me at last."
"Me too," squawked Jacqueline. "I really wanted a friend of my own age."
Well, guess what? Gladwin could understand Jackdaw language!
"I think you have been a bit lonely," he replied, "but I will be your friend and we'll have a great time together."

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"I love this story! Jacqueline would be every child's favourite pet, especially when you can understand jackdaw language. What a wonderful, kind soul Jacqueline is and the reader is totally absorbed in the life of a bird, happy to fly free but also happy to interact with humans as a well-loved pet. Thank you Meriel Brooke for taking me on a colourful journey. I think children aged between 5-7 years would love this story."



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