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Love, war, separation, betrayal. Sam Singleton searches for answers after fighting in the First World War. Can he find the solution after leaving his childhood sweetheart in England and finding a new life as a rubber planter in Malaya? Will his new love bring him happiness, or does the Second World War break his life apart again? If you would like an insight into life in the mid-20th Century society, you will find this wonderful story of relationships and loves that endure through the heartbreak of war and personal complications, then this one's for you, and you will find it almost impossible to put down.

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A short extract

“You look like a moonbeam,” he whispered huskily. He placed an arm on each side of her, pinning her to the wall.
She pressed close to him. “Now I am your prisoner. What will you do with me?” His face was on a level with hers. Her teeth gleamed faintly as she smiled. He brushed his moustache against her lips. She gave a little moan as his tongue explored her mouth.
But he drew back. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” he said.
“Why ever not?”
“Because I have a girl at home.”
“A girl at home? What do you mean?”
“I mean I’m engaged to be married.”
She stepped away, staring at him for a long moment before she answered. “Let’s make the most of the time we have – I’ll try to be a good substitute.”

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"I absolutely loved this book! The first chapter had me hooked on one Ruth Birley. She was a feisty little socialite who could hold her own against the best of them...The final chapter of this story had my head spinning at a pace inconceivable to the human psyche, and it was at that point that I realized, Meriel Brooke is one FANTASTIC WRITER!"


"This wonderful story of relationships and love that endure through the heartbreak of war and personal complications that make the book almost impossible to put down, is just the story for holiday reading when one can curl up in a haven of quiet and lose oneself in a past world. It is easy to emphasise with the characters and they are so vividly portrayed, they walk out of the pages to meet you. And the ending is very unexpected, which makes it very satisfactory."


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